Hello world!

Welcome to the world of Me&Max. I have never written a blog post, so stay with me! Here goes….

Well, this is us, Me & Max! I’m Sophie, mum to this little munchkin Max. We live together with my husband, Max’s Daddy, in our home in Yorkshire, UK. I am not originally a Yorkshire girl, but am from Windermere in the Lake District. Actually this photo of Max and I was taken on a recent holiday back there, thankfully the sun made an appearance and we got to spend some time exploring round the Lake! I now call Yorkshire my home, and I absolutely love it. It’s where we got married and it really is a lovely place for Max to be growing up, so much to do and lots of lovely countryside to explore!

I first had the inklings of an idea to start Me&Max around a year ago, when Max was about 18 months old. I was finding it frustrating that I couldn’t find clothes for him that were trendy but that also allowed him the freedom to move and explore with ease. I found a lot of clothes, especially for boys, were quite restrictive jeans, cords or tracksuits that I didn’t like the style of. So, I started to make him cute leggings myself in funky jersey fabrics. Happily, some friends noticed my little designs and wanted some for their kids, and I guess the rest is history!

What started at my kitchen table has quickly progressed, and I am now lucky enough to have my own little studio just a few minutes from home. It also means I’ve got my kitchen back too! It’s such a bonus to have the studio, it means I can really focus and get my creative hat on, without any distractions. It’s also meant I’ve been able to expand my product range, fabric stock, and set up a proper photography area to get the best images of my creations. Here’s a little snap I took of it a while ago – excuse the mess!

So, my real aim with the blog is to keep you all updated on what we are doing, like new fabrics and product launches – watch this space, there are some coming soon! Plus, I’ll be giving you little insights into what goes on behind the scenes… I really believe this is something about a small business that makes it unique, there is a real person behind the products that I’m making, and I love sharing my passion with you. I am a one-mum-band at the moment, and super proud of how far things have come already.

Finally, I mustn’t sign off my first post without giving a huge, huge thanking my Husband, my lovely Mum, and my Mother In Law for all of their help and support so far. I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without them, so THANK YOU!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a bit more about us, and keep following for more exciting things to come!

Sophie and Max xxx


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